Konzeptionelles Design

We intend to standardize and integrate the key data analysis activities of visualization, modelling, and simulation in order to form a toolbox whereby specialized codes and high performance computing can be accessed. The aim is to build an architecture whereby a simplified data analysis environment can be offered. This will utilise the advantages presented by the data management tools and common formats developed in the other work packages. This environment will further link in with the provision of high capability data processing and computing resources of the Helmholtz centres. The overarching aim is to establish an open source environment where codes can be contributed by user groups and facilities scientists which will then extend the scope of application with time. The basic work to create this environment and provide the key codes necessary will be undertaken within the HDRI. The plan is to pursue three directions simultaneously: (i) the development of the architecture and core programmes, (ii) linking tools to the data sets and computing resources, and (iii) development of the example application - GISAS. It is hoped that in doing so we will deliver a common data analysis platform for scientists, fostering a collaborative approach and bringing together the most powerful computational and visualization resources to aid the user community.

Figure 2: Schematic interdependency of the key components and the work flow of the planned data correction, analysis and visualization framework.