2nd Joint PNI-HDRI and PaNdata Workshop

The 2nd joint PNI-HDRI and PaNdata ODI workshop took place at DESY in Hamburg on March 4-5th 2013. The workshop was visited by 34 participants from 14 different facilities or institutions from all over Europe and was entitled (parallel) Computing in Photon and Neutron Science Applications. The focussed topics in high-performance or GPGPU computing, data management and visualization of scientific data at Neutron or Photon sources.
PNI-HDRI is a high data rate project of the German Photon, Neutron and Ion-Facilities of the Helmholtz-Society. PaNdata ODI is the Open Data Infrastructure project of the PaNdata collaboration, which includes essentially all European Photon and Neutron research infrastructures. Both projects have closely co-operated on specific topics related to scientific data management, in particular on the development and implementation of a standard data format (NeXus/HDF5) as well as data policies. However, since there were more themes of common interest, ranging from GPU-accelerated analysis tools to high speed detector development, the workshop has been organized as a joint workshop to intensify and broaden the co-operation.

For details on the workshop, slides, agenda and list of participants, check out the linkbox below.