Joint PNI-HDRI and PaNdata Workshop

The 1st joint PNI-HDRI and PaNdata ODI workshop took place at DESY in Hamburg on February 27-28th 2012. The workshop was visited by 52 participants from 14 different facilities or institutions from all over Europe.

PNI-HDRI is a high data rate project of the German Photon, Neutron and Ion-Facilities of the Helmholtz-Society. PaNdata ODI is the Open Data Infrastructure project of the PaNdata collaboration, which includes essentially all European Photon and Neutron research infrastructures. Both projects have closely co-operated on specific topics related to scientific data management, in particular on the development and implementation of a standard data format (NeXus/HDF5) as well as data policies. However, since there were more themes of common interest, ranging from GPU-accelerated analysis tools to high speed detector development, the workshop has been organized as a joint workshop to intensify and broaden the co-operation.

For details on the workshop, slides, agenda and list of participants, check out the linkbox below.